Is Banana Weight Loss or Gain Fruit? The Answer May Surprise You!

Is Banana Weight Loss or Gain Fruit?

As with any food eating in excess will lead to side effects that you didn’t bargain for. Bananas contains approx 105 calories, out of which just 3 come from fat. The amount of carbs (around 27) in the form of fruit sugars should also not worry you much as these are broken into glucose instantly providing energy for your workouts and any strenuous activity. Ask any athlete, weight trainer, nutritionist or healthy-living buff and he will vouch by the boost that the humble banana provides. Forget the body, but for the brain glucose is the primary energy source to function effectively.

Considering you overeat bananas (more than 2 a day) the additional glucose gets stored as glycogen in your muscles and liver, as primary energy source when required. Only when it crosses this storage limit does the glucose gets stored as fat. Nutritionists feel that you need to eat a whole lot of bananas to reach these limits and it depends a lot on your level of activity, metabolism, age, body type and other factors.

Bananas will provide enough nutrition and energy needed for healthy weight sustenance and only excess will lead to slight weight gain. Nutritionists and dietary experts recommend having a mix bowl of fruits to avoid excess of one and also to get the benefits from a wide variety of fruits. So pick up seasonal fruits, add in a banana or two and keep the weight gain fears to rest. 

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