A Famous Doctor Reveals: Do This Every Day And You Will Be Healed Of Every Disease

Most doctors will agree that these healthy tips can aid in treating many diseases.

Adopt these habits and enjoy your health boost.

There is only one disease, therefore, only one treatment. These diet and healthy life tips help with all diseases. Each advice is of essential importance for total healing.

    • One hour after sunrise or before sunset-practice sungazing, start with 10seconds, increasing for 10seconds every day. Stay barefoot on dry soil or concrete.
    • Drink non-fluoridated sun-charged water (in plain glass bottles, exposed to sunlight for 5 hours or more. Don’t leave it overnight)
    • Walk or exercise daily.
    • Get as much sunlight (without wearing glasses or sunscreen) as you can and as feels comfortable (without burning your skin).
    • Avoid fluorescent lighting.
    • Deeply breathe in outdoor fresh air for at least 20 minutes in the morning and evening.
    • Walk barefoot for at least 15 minutes. Spend an hour a day alone in peace.
    • Ensure you are sleeping between 10 pm-2 am, since our body produces healing hormones during those hours. Follow the sun cycle.
  • Avoid watching TV, movies (except selected), and reading newspapers. Find a fulfilling and peaceful hobby, read books, paint, and listen to relaxing music.
  • Avoid commercial cosmetic products (replace them with natural ones).
  • Avoid industrial and processed food. Do not use industrial soups or flavors containing Mono Sodium Glutamate (found in almost all salty industrial food); use sea salt and organic flavors.
  • Do not use diet products containing artificial sweeteners. Use maltex or honey.
  • Do not consume alcohol, tobacco, coffee, black tea, chewing gums, canned food or drinks.
  • Gradually eliminate all medicines, under the supervision of a health practitioner.
  • Do not use synthetic vitamins.
  • Replace air fresheners with natural herbs like lavender.
  • Avoid using a mobile phone by using wire headset and keep it away from your body.
  • If you consume cooked vegetables, ensure you also consume raw vegetables twice as much.
  • Practice good vibrations and emotions, be positive, have a smile on your face at all times, as this will help to produce healing hormones.
  • Do not think or talk negative about yourself and others or disease, as your subconscious follows your thoughts; act as you are healthy.
  • Forgive and get rid of hatred and anger, which produce negative hormones and worsen our health. We help ourselves by forgiving others.
  • Even mental diseases can be improved by switching to raw food vegetarian diet a sungazing.



Source: http://www.healthandlovepage.com/

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