12 Unusual Breast Changes That Could Mean Danger and How To Do Right Breast SELF – Exam

Our breasts can be the first ones that will tell you that something could grow bigger inside of us.

I’m talking about health processes and disorders that could bring a permanent change in our body.

Noticing these change right away will give you time to react and prevent things to grow bigger.

My idea here was to inform you about all the possible changes you could notice. There are lots of women out there who can’t explain a particular reaction.

A sharp growth of your breasts in size

  • This increase is not a big grave concern. And some of you would welcome this size increase. However, it does mean that you have gained weight.
  • Other occasions that provoke breasts growth are PMS reaction to a new contraceptive and pregnancy.

Reduction of breast size

  • It means that you have lost weight. Breasts are fat, and weight loss means losing size.
  • It could also mean that you are going through hormonal changes.

Two different sized breasts (one larger than the other)

  • It is very common in women. Especially during PMS.
  • It could be a symptom of a breast cancer. Keep in mind to consult with a doctor about every abnormal tissue change and size alteration.

Irritation of the skin under the breasts

  • Are you allergic to the material you recently wore? Women with this kind of allergic reaction have solved the mystery by changing their bra.
  • It could also mean an inflammation of the skin. This condition is very common in women with large breasts.

Lumps in the breast halo

  • This could be a natural change in your nipple. Those small pieces could be the gland endings. These could be very noticeable during the menstrual cycle.

One larger lump of the breast halo

  • This condition could come out as a breast cyst. Usually, these cysts are not dangerous, but your doctor will tell you how to control it
  • On the other hand, it could come out like a tumor. Sudden changes in breasts like these need to be reported to your doctor immediately.

Hair on the nipples

  • A reaction to a certain cosmetic product or it could mean a polycystic ovary syndrome.

Itching nipples

  • This condition often shows up as a response from your shower lotion, body milk or a certain fabric you wore.
  • Sometimes itching means a hormonal change. You should check this with your doctor to confirm that it’s nothing serious.
  • Itching nipples could be a result of a nipple cancer. It’s very rare, but it exists.

White discharge

  • Physical stimulation could cause this condition. It could also be a result of some medication. It’s not dangerous, but you have to control it with a prescription from your doctor.

Red discharge from the nipple

  • It’s A result of a benign tumor that occurs in the milk ducts of the breast. Consult with a doctor immediately.

A lump of the breast tissue

  • It might be a cyst or tumor. It could also be a sign of dilated milk ducts. Consult with your doctor.

Big lump in any part of the breast

It might be a cyst. If the lump is round and you can feel its movements when you press it, 80% it’s a benign cyst. Usually, these cysts are approximately 1cm in size.

It could mean a breast cancer, as well. You should report this change to your doctor. If the lump in your breast does not alter or move when you press it, go to your doctor right away.

I’m sorry if these changes scared you, but you need to be advised and warned about anything that could show up.

Don’t forget to share these conditions with all of your friends. They need to be informed!

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