Here’s Why You Should Drink This Powerful Weight Loss Tonic Made From Only 2 Ingredients an Empty Stomach!

In this post we will present an amazing and natural drink that will provide many health benefits.
It will help you to lose some weight and improve your immunity system. It also boosts cell health and prevents cancer.
You will only need two super powerful ingredients, raw honey and apple cider vinegar.

ACV and its benefits

-Apple cider vinegar controls the blood sugar and it is shown in many studies. It reduces the levels of glucose in the bloodstream, when it is taken prior to a solid meal. That is why it is effective in the case of pre-diabetes and diabetes.

-It stimulates the weight loss process.
ACV helps digestion and stimulates weight loss as it creates a feeling of satiety and it also eliminates the cravings between meals.
With the intake of ACV with a meal, the fat profile of lab rat has been enhanced, according to studies and that means that ACV may be very helpful in treating type-2- diabetes.

Raw honey and its benefits

-It has anti-bacterial properties.
Raw honey also heals wounds and fights microbes, according to research. “Medical grade honey” is actually able to fight bacteria that are antibiotic- resistant.

-It has antioxidant properties.
It is found by a scientific research that it provides many health benefits because it is rich in numerous antioxidants like the “Millefiori” type. These substances prevent and decelerate the cells that are damaged and reduce the cancer cells in the skin, prostate and lungs.

-It is great for the dental health.
It is beneficial in gingivitis which is a gum disease that leads to many symptoms like pain from chewing, loose teeth, bad breath, tender and red gums and bleeding gums. Raw honey can replace the antibiotics and the common gingivitis therapy.

With combining these two amazing ingredients you can get many health benefits and if you want the best results you need to consume it in the mornings, on empty stomach.

If you take it before your breakfast, your stomach won’t release excess stomach acid and it will be absorbed in the intestines and it will boost digestion.

Here is the recipe:

Needed ingredients:

-One tbs. of apple cider vinegar;
-One tbs. of raw honey (organic);
-One cup- water


Mix everything in a glass and your drink is ready. Drink it twenty minutes before your breakfast.

Consult your doctor before you decide to consume this drink, because it may have an impact on the potassium levels in your body and on the bone density. Find the most safe and proper amount for your body. You can use organic celery juice if you are sensitive to apple cider vinegar.

If you want to lose some extra pounds you can add some cardio workout like running or jogging to burn more calories.

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