Very Important! Next Time Your Doctor Suggest A Regular Mammography, You Should Tell Him THIS!!

In the 21 century malignant diseases have become somewhat of an epidemic. Just hearing someone say – cancer can cause a feeling of dread to most people.

There has been an enormous amount of time and money spent on innovative diagnostic procedures and treatments in fighting cancer.

These treatments however can be debilitating to the patient and can cause deep psychological and emotional trauma to both the patient and their love ones.

In the United States breast cancer is the most predominant and this is followed by lung and colorectal cancer.

The awareness of the dangers of breast cancer has been supported by several non-governmental organisations and foundations with a lot of campaign activities conducted to synthesise people and encourage them to adopt a habit of going for regular checkups.

There are conventional screening procedures for cancer and they include:

– Self-examination

– Ultrasonography

– Mammography

Most doctors will tell you that the best screening procedure for breast cancer is mammography, however recent studies have shown that this view may not be entirely accurate.

The author of the book “The secret of Health Breast Wisdom” by Dr. Ben Johnson states that mammography can be very hazardous to patients.

He further stated that there is a 4% fatality for patients of the mammography procedure. Dr. Johnson stressed that about 50% of patients put through mammograms are exposed to harmful radiation.

It states that it is safer doing a MRI or ultrasonography in the early diagnosis of cancer. Thermography which is used to detect cancer cells by changes in temperature is also safe.

If your doctor tells you to go for a regular mammography you should ask for these safer procedures.

MRI is expensive but if you are concerned about your health then this should not be a hindrance.

Source: Essential Health Advisor

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