Simple DIY Air Fresheners That Will Clear The Air in Your Home

When you spend so much time home, you are not paying so much attention to the air.

The large mix of different smells and odors mix up and form a low-quality air for your family to breathe.

We have to agree that the unpleasant smell is usually stationed in some room you forgot to open the windows and let fresh air go in.

There is a solution for that, as well. You just need to run down to the nearest market and buy an air freshener.

However, the companies that are selling these air fresheners are using some chemicals that all people can’t stand.

Like me, for example. Air fresheners with strong smell give me a headache.


Whenever I go and visit some of my friends, I ask them to sit outside or in a room where they didn’t use an air freshener.

I have a simpler way of freshening up the air in your home. The air fresheners you will see in the video work everywhere in your house.

You need a few items before you press play on the video and see what’s going on.

The items are:

  • Used Candle Jar
  • Mason Jar With Tin Lid
  • Baking Soda
  • Essential Oil
  • Fork
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Tea Light

You have most of these items in your home, so getting them won’t cause you a problem.

Check out the tutorial:

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Source: blog.auntyacid

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