She Used These 2 Ingredients to Make a Cure for Cancer, but Then the Government Shut Her Down

Dr. Johanna Budwig was assigned for the Respectable Prize in drug six times. She kicked the bucket in 2003 at 95 years old. Amid her vocation she cured 90% of her growth patients. Consequently, she could cure a wide range of growth with the assistance of non-poisonous fixings which don’t have reactions. Be that as it may, since she was extremely fruitful in treating patients, she turned into an adversary of the pharmaceutical businesses. Shockingly, they were smothering her work since the 50s. This is the primary motivation behind why a significant number of us are uninformed of the Budwig Convention.

When she expressed that she had the response to growth, yet American specialists wouldn’t hear her out. They simply needed to make an arrangement and utilize her technique to make benefit.

It is trusted that the pharmaceutical organizations make a fortune from sick individuals. Subsequently, the solid and dead patients bring no benefit for them. Thus, it doesn’t come as an astound that the growth business has no enthusiasm for finding a cure. Trust it or not, tumor is the most productive infection in medicinal history and the individuals who profit from it will give it their best shot to keep it that way.

The blood oxygen level of solid individuals is somewhere around 98 and 100 when measured with a heartbeat oximeter, while in growth patients the level is just 60. The oxygen in the blood of a malignancy patient is supplanted with waste, for example, carbon dioxide. Specifically, absence of oxygen causes arrangement of tumors and cells must change with a specific end goal to procure vitality from a sugar maturation prepare.

This is not a biochemically “clean” process, so the waste results of maturation which develop in the tissues cause much higher harmfulness. This prompts to more acidosis and oxygen denied cells which results is numerous growth cells. These actualities were demonstrated by Dr. Otto Warburg who won the Nobel Prize in pharmaceutical in 1931.

The Budwig Convention is centered around invigorating the oxygen supply much speedier than whatever other treatment, while in a similar time it conforms the body’s pH into an antacid state. At the point when the body has enough oxygen, the growth cells can’t flourish.

As per Budwig, sans fat eating methodologies are risky. In this way, she evacuated the sustenances which cause cell oxygen starvation and supplanted them with solid nourishments and fundamental unsaturated fats. Also, she clarified that daylight, the characteristic wellspring of vitamin D3, which has hostile to malignancy properties, is critical.

The convention is comprised of two phases. The first is a characteristic cure in light of quark cheddar and flaxseed oil. Normally it was ingested orally by her patients, yet in the most terminal cases, she controlled flaxseed oil in bowel purge frame. The second stage is an uncommon eating routine which should be taken after for 6 months, paying little heed to the manifestations. How about we investigate the two phases all the more completely:

The primary stage


1 container quark cheddar

5 tbsp of flaxseed oil or 3 tbsp of newly ground flaxseeds

A touch of cayenne pepper

Arrangement: Blend the greater part of the fixings until you get a homogenous blend and after that devour it orally at any rate once every day. Blend it with a wooden spoon, never with a metal one.

The exceptional eating regimen rules

Maintain a strategic distance from sugar

Maintain a strategic distance from creature fats

Try not to utilize store-limb serving of mixed greens dressings and garnishes

Maintain a strategic distance from mayonnaise

Maintain a strategic distance from non-natural meat

Maintain a strategic distance from spread and margarine

Drink just naturally crushed veggie juices from carrots, celery, and beets

Drink some tea three times each day

Utilize normal sweeteners like nectar

Maintain a strategic distance from handled sustenances

Lessen the utilization of concoction prescriptions however much as could reasonably be expected

Maintain a strategic distance from sodas

Maintain a strategic distance from packaged and faucet water

Eat just new sustenance

Extra tips

Keep away from hydrogenated oils

Keep away from fish oil

Take vitamin C every day

Drink green tea consistently

Keep away from beauty care products and sunscreens

Keep away from white bread, white rice, white sugar, white salt, and white flour

Keep away from table salt

Keep away from soy items and canola oil

Devour 1 tsp of coconut oil day by day

Choose other options to basic cleansers, dyes, and cleansers


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